Lux Gatos

Dishonored_hand_symbol_vector_by_marekmaurizio-d5hss5w.pngThe Lux Gatos is an organized crime syndicate operating in Alagron under the guise of a ‘for the people’ champion of small businesses and go-between for government registrations and regulations.

It is led by Art Forseti, a shrewd man known for his merciless and brilliant maneuver.

The Lux business model consists mainly of acting as a middleman between corrupt bureaucrats and small business owners, taking a share of their profits to ‘handle’ the ‘legal fees’ and ‘permits’ for them. Lux is surprisingly enabling for local businesses, since they are so widespread (and because non Lux sponsored competition find rocks thrown through their windows).

Of course, the reason it all works is because those who impinge of Ark’s plans are found facedown in the gutter or vanish completely.

Lux Gatos

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