Ivan is one of the fighters who compete in arena combat, a spectator sport in Alagron. He is a professional gladiator, relishing in the roar of the crowd, the blood of his opponents, and the proceeds he gets for winning.

Ivan is Khadoran, and distinctively fights with a pair of ice axes while wearing a gas mask. He is famous for his relentless fighting style, never backing down, and using his strength dismember his way to victory.

Many of the arena fights are fixed, with the opponent being unskilled slaves dressed up in cheap armor and given dull weapons. Because of this, Ivan holds a mutually beneficial business relationship with the slavers and arena staff. His string of victories grant him more notoriety, more viewers, and ultimately make everyone involved quite a bit more money.

When not in the arena, Ivan lives a mundane life, peppered with extravagant splurges when he wins (and immediately spends) fight money. He love the lavish lifestyle for the short time it lasts before he is penniless again. Needless to say, Ivan will do most anything for some coin, especially if he gets to fight someone.


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