Mago Hurst

Arcane Tempest Gunmage


Journeyman Arcane Tempest gunmage of Cygnar, currently stationed based in Alagron, and serving as South Watch Captain, representing the Army of Dragon’s Tongue.

Mago was deemed subordinate and troublesome when based in Highgate, and was ‘transferred’ to the reserves and eventually stationed in Alagron.

His exploitative personality, extortion tactics, and general lack of human decency towards outsiders and travelers has earned him quite a reputation. For all practical purposes, he is a highwayman and racketeer.

Mago rarely wears his official uniform, preferring to intimidate his quarry without resorting to his official credentials, but will ‘pull rank’ if things don’t go his way.

Not many friends.

Mago Hurst

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